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Selasa, 04 Agustus 2009

@Tekhnologi Tahun 2033

. Selasa, 04 Agustus 2009

1.Handheld Fusion

Nuclear energy conjures up images of large power plants and teams of white-coated scientists.On the other hand, researchers at DARPA have put extensive resources into the ability to control a fusion reaction in the palm of your hand. The same energy source that powers the sun, fusion holds the key to nearly limitless energy. DARPA has indicated that their chip-scale high energy atomic beams could lead to “handheld power sources” -- the development of such technology would revolutionize our concept of energy and its integration into our daily lives.

2.Voice-Controlled Chariots

2033 brings chariots back to the urban setting -- except this time, they’re green. The design team of Mike and Maaike has created an environmentally friendly vehicle called the atnmbl which would be summoned by phone and controlled via a set of simple voice commands. The atnmbl takes designated driving to a whole new level as the vehicle would not allow you to actually drive. This means passengers can drink, read its flat-screen display or simply relax and watch the scenery pass by through the panoramic windows.

3.Photovoltaic Fabrics

Imagine never having to find an outlet to charge your dying cell phone. Filed under the category of “awesome,” a U.S. solar tech company called Konarka has developed a special jacket woven with ultra-thin photovoltaic cells that will recharge your cell phone when you simply place it in your pocket. The uber-thin wires are woven into wearable solar clothing -- shirts, hoodies, boxers, or whatever you’re into. Though efficiency is currently only at 3%, we’re confident that by 2033 your solar jacket will soak up enough rays to power even the most intense of peripherals

4.Elevated Wheelchairs

If you suffer a mobility threatening accident at some point between now and 2033, the future of wheelchair technology may level the playing field a bit. Designed by Melbourne student Jake Eadie, this elevated wheelchair changes the way we see wheelchair-bound people by giving them a kind of equal footing in day-to-day body language situations. The concept design has two modes -- sitting and standing -- and employs durable shock absorbers for rough urban terrain

5.The Plantagon

As the population of urban city dwellers grows year after year, the importance of developing sustainable food sources follows in kind. But, amongst all skyscrapers and commercial developments, where does one find the real estate? The Plantagon is a design for an enormous urban greenhouse, placing a spiraling vertical farm in the heart of a city. Cutting our dependency on country farmers needing to drive their goods in town, the Plantagon gets the job done while shrinking carbon footprints

6.Solar-Powered Yachts

If you’re like us, the one thing keeping you from splurging on a 50-foot yacht is greenhouse emissions. Well, now our wait is over. A Swiss company called CODE-X AG is scheduling to release a yacht that runs on solar energy combined with Formula 1 engines. The CODE-X-YACHT features solar panels on the top of its hull that transfer energy to two electric engines. What looks like a standard in the James Bond oceanic fleet of vessels, the CODE-X-YACHT is far from being dubbed the Prius of the open seas.

7.Open-Source Cars

A major trend in software engineering has been the widespread adoption of open-source technology (i.e., the product’s source code is accessible to all). This freedom of distribution allows for any developer to create his own applications for a product (think iPhone apps). Within that mindset, a company in the Netherlands is working on an open-source car entitled C,mm,n or “Common.” The company is encouraging anyone who has thought of a way to improve upon automobiles to do so with their design -- this takes “having it your way” to a whole new leve

8.Mechanical Horses

What would John Wayne ride if his Westerns were filmed a century later? Jason Battersby would nominate his Project Nomad as a front-runner for the Duke’s mobility. His mechanical horse can ride like the wind, climb up steep grades and navigate rocks and boulders. For its energy, Project Nomad uses an internal GPS chip to locate lush vegetation for fuel -- energy it also transmits to its rider. Vegetation? OK, you may have lost us on that one, Jason, but Project Nomad does look like an innovative and fun way to maneuver around town.

9.Folding Electric Motorcycles

In the spirit of “compact mobility,” UK-based designer Nick Fisher has developed a folding electric motorcycle called Evergreen. When not in use, Evergreen collapses down into an easy-to-pull form (kind of like a wheeled suitcase). The Evergreen is powered by an electric motor housed on the rear wheel. The movement of the forward wheels, as well as regenerative braking, would help keep Evergreen moving. Though comfort may be sacrificed, Evergreen certainly is one answer to navigating downtown traffic without worrying about that elusive parking spot.

10.VR Windshields

Designed by Jeongche Yoon and Hoyoung Kihl, the “IPSE” car will create a virtual environment on your windshield, recognizing outside surroundings then translating them into virtual objects and living things. For example, in “underwater” mode, other vehicles appear to the driver as sea creatures. With preexisting distractions like texting already an issue, this concept seems to have red flags all over it. However, if you’re looking for ways to stay entertained on a long road trip, nothing gets your blood pumping like a great white swimming by at 90 mph.

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